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The E Design Advantage
Established since 1988, E Design Furniture Interior Construction specializes in interior renovation, decoration and furniture manufacturing. For years, many direct clients and partners in both construction and renovation have acknowledged us as a reliable provider.
With the business opportunities rendered by retaining clients, our core business no longer focuses merely on providing furniture manufacturing solutions and services. We expanded our services to conceptual design, procurement, site execution and maintenance. Hence, E Design Contract Pte Ltd is added to the corporate structure to meet a larger diversity of businesses.
E Design is able to assist customers in commercial and residential industries to feature your unique character and develop optimized space layouts, which allow efficiency for customers. We are constantly researching and evaluating clients’ requirements to remain competitive in the industry and better fulfill clients’ needs.
Over the years, we have been cooperating with interior designers and developers to provide services and solutions that focus on interior renovation/decoration catering to retail shops, offices, cafeteria, restaurants and residential premises.
We strive to remain competitive in terms of rendering our services. Nurturing a team of well-trained staff to oversee the site execution, we ensure quality work to be done within stipulated duration.
As a team of E Design, we are confident that our years of experiences in the industry, enhanced with passion, commitment and dedication in what we specialize in, will earn your trust in us to fulfill your job requirements and expectations.
E Design 的优势
自1998年成立,E Design Furniture Interior Construction 专业订做木制家具。自公司成立以来,与我们共同合作的设计师与发展商,几乎立即承认我们为一个可靠的家具制造商。
随着许多企业,通过保留客户提供机会,我们主要业务的核心不再仅限于提供家具制造服务。我们扩展的服务概念设计,采购,现场执行和维护。因此,E Design Contract 私人有限公司增加了企业结构,以满足更广泛的业务。
E Design 能够帮助在商业和住宅业的客户创造您独特的性格和优化发展空间布局,增强客户的效率。我们不断地研究和平估在行业竞争当中客户的要求,以更好地满足客户的需求。
E Design Contract Pte Ltd 成立以来,与设计师,发展商共同合作,并多次成功完成了对商场店面,办公室,住宅,咖啡厅,餐馆等工程的装潢与装饰。
E Design的每位同仁都深信,以我们多年来累积的知识与经验能为您提供优异的服务,并创造更具尊崇感受的生活品质。